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Celebrities Could Possibly Help Biden Win The Election

Celebrity influence in politics is not necessarily a new strategy, but it’s one that could help land Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House.

We recently partnered with Nielsen Music/MRC Data and DISQO to survey 1,103 likely voters on the topic. The poll was conducted between October 8th and 13th.

Among the many takeaways from the study, three to highlight include:

1. The Celebrity Effect Helps Biden

12% of likely voters say that entertainers or athletes have influenced their decision on the upcoming election. Among them, 69% are voting for Biden. That translates to north of 8% overall going toward Biden – which is critical in an election that will likely be decided by single-digits.

2. What Response? Trump and GOP Rate Way Behind

There are a myriad of issues facing Americans today. When looking at four key issues — COVID-19, Racial Justice, Climate Change, and Participating in this Year’s Election — Trump and Republicans in Congress rate¬†significantly¬†behind essentially everyone on having “done the right thing” in their response and actions. Joe Biden, Democrats in Congress, Brands, Celebs, Athletes, and even the News Media — all of them rate ahead of Trump and Republicans in Congress on every. single. issue. We’ll see how these feelings translate on Election Day.

3. The Most Influential Celebrities Endorse Biden

Want to win? Get endorsements from Tom Hanks, The Rock, Oprah, LeBron, Robert De Niro, and more.

Biden’s done that. In fact, most celebrities that earned top spots across demographics (except Republicans) have all endorsed Biden.

Fun Fact: of the 29 accounts Joe Biden follows on Twitter, the only entertainer is Lady Gaga — aka the most influential celebrity among LGBTQ Voters.

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