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Celebrities Could Possibly Help Biden Win The Election

Celebrity influence in politics is not necessarily a new strategy, but it’s one that could help land Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the White House.

We recently partnered with Nielsen Music/MRC Data and DISQO to survey 1,103 likely voters on the topic. The poll was conducted between October 8th and 13th.

Among the many takeaways from the study, three to highlight include:

1. The Celebrity Effect Helps Biden

12% of likely voters say that entertainers or athletes have influenced their decision on the upcoming election. Among them, 69% are voting for Biden. That translates to north of 8% overall going toward Biden – which is critical in an election that will likely be decided by single-digits.

2. What Response? Trump and GOP Rate Way Behind

There are a myriad of issues facing Americans today. When looking at four key issues — COVID-19, Racial Justice, Climate Change, and Participating in this Year’s Election — Trump and Republicans in Congress rate significantly behind essentially everyone on having “done the right thing” in their response and actions. Joe Biden, Democrats in Congress, Brands, Celebs, Athletes, and even the News Media — all of them rate ahead of Trump and Republicans in Congress on every. single. issue. We’ll see how these feelings translate on Election Day.

3. The Most Influential Celebrities Endorse Biden

Want to win? Get endorsements from Tom Hanks, The Rock, Oprah, LeBron, Robert De Niro, and more.

Biden’s done that. In fact, most celebrities that earned top spots across demographics (except Republicans) have all endorsed Biden.

Fun Fact: of the 29 accounts Joe Biden follows on Twitter, the only entertainer is Lady Gaga — aka the most influential celebrity among LGBTQ Voters.

Check out more takeaways from the poll at Billboard.

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New Whitman Insight Strategies Poll Finds Double-Digit Biden Lead Nationally

Ahead of a series of dueling town halls tonight – replacing what was supposed to be the second presidential debate – a new Whitman Insight Strategies poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden holds a double-digit lead against Donald Trump among likely voters nationally.

This poll was conducted between October 8th and 13th.

With less than three weeks left until Election Day, Trump faces a significant deficiency among the very voters who propelled him to an Electoral College victory against Hillary Clinton four years ago: Independents, seniors, college educated white voters, and suburban white women.

As of today, more than 17 million Americans have already voted, either by mail or early in-person. With Trump supporters abiding by their candidate’s conspiracies about the effectiveness of voting early, Biden is banking a substantial lead among these early voters. Among the 11% of voters in our poll who say they have already voted, Biden leads by 54-points. He also holds substantial leads among voters who plan to vote by mail or early in-person in the coming days.

For voters, this election is turning into a referendum on honesty and integrity. In this time of national crisis, voters are looking for a leader who they can trust to navigate American through its challenges.

In our poll, we asked voters what words come to mind when they think of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The top word associated with Donald Trump is LIAR. The top word associated with Joe Biden is HONEST.

This is a vastly different election environment than 2016, when voters generally had negative perceptions of both major party candidates and neither Clinton nor Trump were especially well trusted.

This year, voters find the incumbent president ineffective and think he has not been truthful to the American people about a virus that has claimed more than 215,000 American lives under his watch.

With just 19 days until the election, Trump will need to prove voters’ lying eyes wrong.

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Conventions, VEEPStakes, and The State of the 2020 Race

WINS VP Matt McDermott talks with Dr. Christina Greer and Lincoln Mitchell on MNN’s The Election Show this week.

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CSIP & Election 2020 Roundtable

Matt McDermott joined a political roundtable to discuss the electoral implications of the multi-pronged crises currently barraging our country — including CSIP findings that suggest both the COVID-19 pandemic and protests in response to the murder of George Floyd have had significant negative repercussions on President Trump’s re-election prospects.

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COVID-19 Era Politics: Trump Slumps With White Women Voters

Our own Matt McDermott speaking this week in the WaPo, CNN and on his blog about the impact of the past week on President Trump’s numbers.

Matt McDermott, a Democratic pollster, said such results capture the paradox in Trump’s calls for law and order: His words and actions have been so confrontational that they are “leading people to conclude the Republican President is increasing the threat of violence to themselves and their community.” Trump’s uniquely belligerent posture, McDermott says, is fraying the GOP’s traditional advantage among suburbanites on keeping their communities safe.

One GOP pollster I spoke with, who asked not to be identified while discussing the party’s 2020 prospects, agreed that Trump’s response to the protests was likely to further erode his already tenuous position among college-educated white suburbanites, especially women. That will require him, the pollster said, to generate even bigger margins and more turnout from non-college whites, especially those outside of metropolitan areas.

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COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Police Reform & the 2020 Election

Today WINS Founder & CEO, Bernard Whitman, appeared on SiriusXM’s political show P.O.T.U.S. to discuss our new CSIP poll fielded in the wake of the George Floyd protests.