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New Whitman Insight Strategies Poll Finds Double-Digit Biden Lead Nationally

Ahead of a series of dueling town halls tonight – replacing what was supposed to be the second presidential debate – a new Whitman Insight Strategies poll finds former Vice President Joe Biden holds a double-digit lead against Donald Trump among likely voters nationally.

This poll was conducted between October 8th and 13th.

With less than three weeks left until Election Day, Trump faces a significant deficiency among the very voters who propelled him to an Electoral College victory against Hillary Clinton four years ago: Independents, seniors, college educated white voters, and suburban white women.

As of today, more than 17 million Americans have already voted, either by mail or early in-person. With Trump supporters abiding by their candidate’s conspiracies about the effectiveness of voting early, Biden is banking a substantial lead among these early voters. Among the 11% of voters in our poll who say they have already voted, Biden leads by 54-points. He also holds substantial leads among voters who plan to vote by mail or early in-person in the coming days.

For voters, this election is turning into a referendum on honesty and integrity. In this time of national crisis, voters are looking for a leader who they can trust to navigate American through its challenges.

In our poll, we asked voters what words come to mind when they think of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The top word associated with Donald Trump is LIAR. The top word associated with Joe Biden is HONEST.

This is a vastly different election environment than 2016, when voters generally had negative perceptions of both major party candidates and neither Clinton nor Trump were especially well trusted.

This year, voters find the incumbent president ineffective and think he has not been truthful to the American people about a virus that has claimed more than 215,000 American lives under his watch.

With just 19 days until the election, Trump will need to prove voters’ lying eyes wrong.