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Our Inaugural Post

Hi folks, Scott here.

Every blog needs to start somewhere, and although this post will likely be covered over and pushed back into the virtual dustbin of irrelevancy with much much better content in a very short period of time, it seems appropriate to explain in a bit of detail the story behind our COVID-19 Societal Impact Project.

Our team lives and works in New York City. A few days before we shut down our office, we held a white-boarding session to discuss how we thought some of the different industries we serve would be impacted by the pandemic.  The meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes.  It lasted for nearly 2 hours.

In the weeks that followed we decided to turn that passion into the COVID-19 Societal Impact Project (CSIP)

The initiative is predicated on 2 ideas:

One, that during times of crisis, the changes that will shape the future are measurable in the present if you know where to look.

And two, that we’re all totally overloaded with data these days to the point of being desensitized to it.  CSIP is also about communicating insights and perspectives in formats and in channels that are more in tune with telling meaningful stories about the human experience than numbers on a page.

Thank you in advance to the CSIP team @ Whitman Insight Strategies, our clients who shared their perspectives with us to help spark this idea, our partners (including Dynata) who helped make this all possible, and to our friends and family who have had to put up with launching CSIP out of our respective homes.