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The Great Rethink

We’re entering the era of the Great Rethink.

Our initial natural response to the disruptions that have occurred during the COVID-19 era as been reactive. What will come next is different.

This era has wiped the status quo off of the face of the earth. Worldviews and ideologies that failed to hold up are being questioned.

Americans are increasingly rethinking the fundamentals of society, their own lives, and the political beliefs they hold.

The Great Rethink is about asking the bigger questions, it will define the next era, and it is taking place all around us.

The Great Rethink is not “how can I safely open up my office” it is “what is the future of work for my organization?”

The Great Rethink is not “how can I issue a generic corporate statement about something political” it is “how can we truly make a difference?”

The Great Rethink is not “how can we reduce police brutality” it is “what role should a police department play in our society and what do we need to do to go about building that?”

More to come…

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CSIP & Election 2020 Roundtable

Matt McDermott joined a political roundtable to discuss the electoral implications of the multi-pronged crises currently barraging our country — including CSIP findings that suggest both the COVID-19 pandemic and protests in response to the murder of George Floyd have had significant negative repercussions on President Trump’s re-election prospects.

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COVID-19 Era Politics: Trump Slumps With White Women Voters

Our own Matt McDermott speaking this week in the WaPo, CNN and on his blog about the impact of the past week on President Trump’s numbers.

Matt McDermott, a Democratic pollster, said such results capture the paradox in Trump’s calls for law and order: His words and actions have been so confrontational that they are “leading people to conclude the Republican President is increasing the threat of violence to themselves and their community.” Trump’s uniquely belligerent posture, McDermott says, is fraying the GOP’s traditional advantage among suburbanites on keeping their communities safe.

One GOP pollster I spoke with, who asked not to be identified while discussing the party’s 2020 prospects, agreed that Trump’s response to the protests was likely to further erode his already tenuous position among college-educated white suburbanites, especially women. That will require him, the pollster said, to generate even bigger margins and more turnout from non-college whites, especially those outside of metropolitan areas.

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COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Police Reform & the 2020 Election

Today WINS Founder & CEO, Bernard Whitman, appeared on SiriusXM’s political show P.O.T.U.S. to discuss our new CSIP poll fielded in the wake of the George Floyd protests.

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Our Inaugural Post

Hi folks, Scott here.

Every blog needs to start somewhere, and although this post will likely be covered over and pushed back into the virtual dustbin of irrelevancy with much much better content in a very short period of time, it seems appropriate to explain in a bit of detail the story behind our COVID-19 Societal Impact Project.

Our team lives and works in New York City. A few days before we shut down our office, we held a white-boarding session to discuss how we thought some of the different industries we serve would be impacted by the pandemic.  The meeting was scheduled for 30 minutes.  It lasted for nearly 2 hours.

In the weeks that followed we decided to turn that passion into the COVID-19 Societal Impact Project (CSIP)

The initiative is predicated on 2 ideas:

One, that during times of crisis, the changes that will shape the future are measurable in the present if you know where to look.

And two, that we’re all totally overloaded with data these days to the point of being desensitized to it.  CSIP is also about communicating insights and perspectives in formats and in channels that are more in tune with telling meaningful stories about the human experience than numbers on a page.

Thank you in advance to the CSIP team @ Whitman Insight Strategies, our clients who shared their perspectives with us to help spark this idea, our partners (including Dynata) who helped make this all possible, and to our friends and family who have had to put up with launching CSIP out of our respective homes.