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The (New) New Rules for Corporate Activism

Today on Medium, WINS President Scott Kotchko writes that the outpouring of corporate support for the George Floyd protests represents a tipping point. We’re now all living in the era of Corporate Activism.

…But the era of Corporate Activism is different. It’s no longer about telling a story about purpose because you want to — it’s about taking real action because you have to

Scott’s perspectives are grounded in a career spent at the nexus of politics and corporate brand strategy, with a little help from our CSIP data:

Our research shows that on the issue of COVID-19 there is incredibly high support (85%) for companies to re-purpose aspects of their business to contribute directly to the fight against the virus as well as to make financial donations to COVID-19 relief organizations (82%). Despite this, fewer than 1 in 5 (16%) say the company they work for has done anything meaningful from a business perspective, and just 1 in 10 (11%) say their employer donated to a pandemic relief organization.

On the issue of systemic racism, police reform, and Black Lives Matter — Americans are even more attuned towards action and activism. Americans believe it is time now to finally deal with systemic racism (75%), that it isn’t up to minority communities to educate the rest of us (64%), that black people in America need more than allies, and it is time for others to roll up their sleeves and help (75%).