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WINS 2020 Election Roundtable Part 7 – Does Scott Owe Hillary Clinton An Apology?

This discussion is one segment of a multi-part series centered around the 2020 Presidential Election.

Interviews have been transcribed from a digital roundtable that took place on 11/19 that included panelists, Democratic pollsters, and WINS team members Bernard Whitman and Matt McDermott.  The roundtable was moderated by Scott Kotchko.

SCOTT:  Last question.  I have repeatedly called Hillary Clinton one of the worst presidential candidates to run for office in my lifetime, who ran one of the worst, most clueless and tone-deaf campaigns that I can recall.

Joe Biden won the presidency by doing just a little bit better than one of the worst candidates in history (according to me).

Do I owe Hillary Clinton an apology?

MATT:  Yes.


And by the way, I loved Hillary Clinton.

I still have great fondness for Hillary Clinton. I think she would’ve made an amazing President, but she was a godawful candidate.

MATT:   I will comfortably say that I think we will look back at these eight years and find that Joe Biden, for all intents and purposes, ran the exact same campaign of “stronger together” that Hillary Clinton did. The difference is he ran it against an incumbent.

BERNARD:  No, the difference is that he’s Joe Biden and she’s Hillary Clinton.

Joe Biden can be real with people and Hillary Clinton, unfortunately, could not.

MATT:   I could not disagree more. And we will leave it at that.

(Ed. Note:  At time of publication, Scott has not apologized to Hillary Clinton)


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